Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

There’s a freezing southerly gale blasting up from the Antarctic here today, in fact it has been blowing this way since yesterday & is also forecasted for tomorrow, without abating!

We use these day terms to describe where we are in relation to time but there is a deeper nexus of time that often gets overlooked…This is our topic for reflection today dear friend!

I have been experimenting with some new muffin recipes as hubby & I have decided to be a little more adventurous in our breakfast options. As its winter here & there’s not a lot of fresh varieties of fruit, I thought that warm & savory always hits the spot.

The ones from Body Beautiful got the thumbs up, he was even seen to have two in one sitting! This week I thought gf buckwheat Pineapple, ham & maple syrup caramelized muffins might be yummy…With our favorite hot beverages…have you got yours ready?

What is a time nexus you may ask…

The meaning of a Time Nexus; is a connection between time periods that bind the connecting times together. 

Let me explain in the following…


Have you noticed that our yesterdays are gone forever, no matter how hard one may try to get ‘the good ol’ days’ back, they’re gone. Because they are now in the time that is past.

We may have had some amazing times in the ‘good ol’ days’ but if we are honest there were a lot of challenging times too…


The promised term of the future day, tomorrow. It holds so many enticing hopes & dreams. Altgough maybe the thought of the future brings fear & anxiety of the unknown for you.

Tomorrow may hold the promise of an exciting journey or a quiet day at home, a trip to the seaside or the beginning of a daunting new season in life.

But have you also noticed that tomorrow never actually comes because tomorrow is forever ahead in time…when we get there, we are actually in today!


Today we are enjoying this lovely time together, we are in the present moment of having a cuppa & reflection…upon the nexus of time…

Today is that nexus, as it always connects our yesterdays with our tomorrows.

Today is all that is given to us in present time!

alarm clock black coffee book caffeine

Yesterday is gone forever, tomorrow may not come but we have today!

However, many people don’t live in the presence of today, they’re constantly living in their yesterdays or planning for their tomorrows…entirely missing the precious moments of their new day!

We can never get back the moments in time that have passed my friend, once they have gone their gone forever!

Life is too short not to cherish & enjoy the present moment…

We need to enjoy today without pulling our yesterdays & tomorrows in, as they overwhelm the preciousness of the new day we have been gifted…

I’m not saying here, not to have sweet memories or not to have future plans, no the message is…to not get so focused on the past or so focused upon a potential future that we end up living in those, rather then in the moments of today!

What has the Creator of the universe & time said about…


“Do not call to mind former things, nor ponder things of the past. Behold I do something new, do you not perceive it…”   Isaiah 43:18


And Jesus said, “Don’t be anxious for tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself. Each day has enough challenges of its own”   Matthew 6:34


“This is the day that the Lord has made; Let us rejoice & be glad in it!”   Psalms 118:24

Yes, today is a new day my friend, let us enjoy the moments without regret! And the muffins are scrumptious!

Until next time,



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34 thoughts on “Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

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  1. Jennifer, thank you for this wonderful reminder to live in “today”. This moment is all we are given. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is yet to come. Today is all we have. The verse from Psalms is one of my favorites.

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  2. Jennifer, it seems you always post something that is already in my thought process. To be present now and enjoy each moment is so vital to our spiritual and emotional health. Thank you for your timely reminder. Blessings always my friend!

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  3. “This is the day which the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it” was one of my Mom’s favorite verses. She woke up with it strong on her mind the day of my Dad’s funeral. Only the Presence of God could bring us that kind of dwelling. Thank you for this reminder today. It was just what I needed! Blessings to you.

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  4. Such a valuable reminder–thank you, Jennifer. I’ve been writing one sentence each morning about how I will savor THIS day, and that has helped me get into the practice of TODAY. I hope yours is a beautiful one…

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  5. We need to be so mindful of today. Thank you for this lovely reminder to keep my eyes set on this day and all that may have in store for me. Blessings!

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  6. When I think of “yesterday” – I think of people no longer here – and the honeysuckle in the spring and the way the Christmas lights on Christmas Eve sparkled in my window, and the sound of a cardinal on a summer morning before the hotness came in. Yet, I like so much where God has brought me, I don’t want to go back and dwell there. I’ve learned to live in the right now. I’m trying to be hands off about tomorrow – and that’s where I am learning to just trust – and do what He’s got for me to do in the today. Savory and Sweet post, Jennifer – and such a good reminder in these uneven times.

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    1. Thank you Maryleigh. I love your memories of yesterday & your strategy for the tomorrows…

      We forget that all we are ever given is today & being present in this day is so important.
      Knowing God will take care of our tomorrows having already gone ahead for us. ☺️


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