What’s in a Name

“JENNIFER!”… That sound always sends a surge of adrenaline through me, I know I need to pay attention as I may be in some type of danger!

Can you remember your name being used in such a way that suddenly got your attention?

Welcome to our time of tea & reflection today dear friend…Have you got your cuppa in hand?

The of names are so interesting

The way in which they can be used just as interesting… Don’t you think?

Do you know what your name means?

My given name originates from Celtic origins…

Jennifer comes from the Gaelic word for white waves/fair haired…

I was born with strawberry blonde hair ~ fair haired, I am now a white haired old gal ~ white waves.

Our names & surnames are important though, as they identify us from one another, helping us to know where we come from & to what family line we belong.

In days gone by before surnames, people were known as their given name with their father’s name & occupation.

An example would be John, son of James the Blacksmith.

gray trunk green leaf tree beside body of water

My family roots are Celtic, my grandfather spoke Gaelic & we come from one of the oldesr Celtic clans that originate from one of the High Kings of Ireland & his sons.

We had ‘Mac’ before our surname for centuries, which means ‘son’. Handed down to us from around the 10th century & probably beforehand.

The ‘Mac’ over the centuries eventually got dropped & we were left with just our many times great grandfather’s name as our surname.

Many of today’s surnames have evolved in this way

Either from the many × great grandparent’s first name or their occupation.

An example is in the surname, Smith which was the occupation of those smithing metal or from the village they were born.

In ancient Hebrew times, names were given quite often from the events surrounding the child’s birth.

A good example are the twins Esau; meaning hairy (he was born with red down all over his body) & Jacob; meaning one who takes by the heel (as he was born holding onto his older twin brother Esau’s heel)! Refer 2

There is One whose name & title were given to Him long before He was born, in fact He was promised to us in the time of our many × great grandparent’s, Grandpa Adam & Granny Eve.

I find His name so interesting…it means God’s salvation & His title means the Anointed One ~ the anointed One of God’s salvation.

We know Him as Jesus Christ, the Son of the Most High God. 

The promise was fulfilled!

And another exciting thing is we have His Spirit with us, also known as the Holy Spirit, given to us as promised before His ascension (another promise fulfilled).

He has also promised to return again physically one day & we already know He keeps His promises. That is well documented throughout history!

But the question we need to ask ourselves my dear friend is…

Are we ready & watching for His return?

Because He warned us it will come quickly! Refer 2

Until next time,


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28 thoughts on “What’s in a Name

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  1. I am so glad that Little Miss L is doing so well. My name is rather a long one – Brigid, Philomena, Imelda, Mary! Brigid means strength which I have needed rather a lot in this life. I too have a stubborn streak however I like to think it gives me great determination.

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  2. Interesting as always, Jennifer. We prayed for a child for thirteen years before God gave Seth to us. We decided on that name because it means “appointed”. I am so glad to read Little Miss L is doing well. Many blessings to you and yours❤️

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  3. I am Elizabeth Anne which always makes me smile since it is the name both of John the Baptist’s mother and Mary’s mother. I have loved being a mother, so the names give me special joy.

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  4. Lloyd means “gray hair” and Dempsey means pride. I guess that I’m proud to still be around. 😂 One of our family friends is an Apache and they have different names in each stage of life. He said that his childhood name means “fat and runs slow”.

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  5. Jennifer, hi! I leave here with some new knowledge today … thank you for sharing from Australia … it’s fun for me to get to know you, my first Australian connection!

    winter, huh? it seems so far from here …


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  6. I usually go by “Laurie”, but my real name is “Laurel”, after the flowering shrub Mountain Laurel. I can remember my father, when he was displeased with me, calling me “Laurel Ann”. That was how I knew I was in trouble! 🙂

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  7. Thank you for this nice post. My name is Aritha. It comes form my opa’s name. His name was Ari. The Hebrew Ari (sometimes transliterated as Arie) occurs only in the compounds Ariel and Areli, and as the variant Arieh. The meaning is lion.

    I don’t love that meaning because I am not strong or brave like a lion. I look more like a sparrow 🙂 And yes: I am we ready & watching for His return.

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    1. I didn’t know that about Aritha nor the compound names you mention! 😀
      But so glad you are watching & ready for the Lion of Judah’s return! I am thankful that His strength is our strength 😉


  8. Jennifer, I thoroughly enjoyed this post! Naming – both of people, and in life – calls out life. My name, Sandra, means helper. I took gentle care in the naming of my daughters, believing names can call out character traits. So glad to have met you today on the Link Up at TellHisStory. God bless!

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