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Mama seasons…

Let’s celebrate motherhood in every season. Welcome to our time of tea & reflection together…dear friend…

I’m doing something different today, I’m brewing two tea blends in one pot! I have Lady Grey & French Earl Grey teas… It’s amazingly good, with a slice of toasted gf banana bread topped with butter & a drizzle of maple syrup…scrumptious!

In many parts of the western world mothers enjoy a time of celebrating their motherhood with their children, grandchildren & maybe even their great grandchildren on an annual day deemed to honor them on Mother’s Day!

However all mothers around the globe know that motherhood has many seasons of celebration & doesn’t just happen on one particular day of the year.

Being a Mama is the most important & rewarding job in the world that a woman can be called to do (whether biologically, adoptive, step, foster, kin or familial) & also the most challenging!

There are many seasons within motherhood…

The arrival of Spring… brings that promised new life, the long awaited child has finally arrived & joined the family…& it feels as though they have always been.

Spring times...herald the Joy of watching our child’s budding new growth bloom into something wonderful & amazing.

Summer times...bring hot & sweltering days of doing the hard yards of parenting through love, sweat & tears in the heat waves of life…leaving us feeling weary & tired. Wondering if this season will ever end with its constant source of heat & pressure!

Autumn times…with its welcomed temperate days & beautiful colors, this is the season in which our child seems to be in that time of contentment. All seems right with their world & ours!

Wintery times...seasons of quite contemplation, where our child is becoming or has become their own person. Though still needing those times of joining us around a warm & cozy hearth of love & support, especially when those stormy blasts of life come blasting…

Of course just like our crazy weather patterns where we can experience temperate,  hot & cold temperatures in one day. We can also experience all four seasons of parenting in one day!

However, as our child transitions from one season to the next

Traversing from being a toddler, through childhood, adolescence & adulthood we also need to adapt & transition to the seasonal changes of motherhood.

Our babies, who were totally dependent upon us for their every need back then. Is not what an adult daughter or son living in their own life needs nor wants from their Mama.

We need to respect this, although this may be difficult at first, it’s necessary for building a healthy adult relationship with them.

They will always need our love & support in some form or another & what shape that takes may need negotiating over the changing seasons in both lives.

But, we can still continue that all important personal cheer leading for them ~ 1 encouraging & supportive Mama = a full cheer leading squad!…Cheering encouragement like;

 You can do it!  

I believe in you!

You’re doing an amazing job!  

You’re the best!  

I love you & think you’re awesome!

As you may know if you have joined me here previously that I have chronic health conditions which have greatly impacted every area of my life, limiting my capacity to support my family in the ways I desire.

But one of the greatest supportive roles we can do as their Mama’s, is pray & I can still do this!

It’s a very important love in action that we can do each & every day as the following highlights;

“…The heartfelt prayer of the righteous is powerful & effective…” 

James 5: 16

Until next time,


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40 thoughts on “Mama seasons…

  1. Thank you from your Vroom Vroom Team for sharing your links with us at SSPS. Please check back on Monday to see if your content has been featured.

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  2. I sure would love for all mine to be in Autumn at the same time! (Upside Down LOL). I explained to my boys who are always passing through my kitchen (two in college live at home, one married but I keep my grands) – it’s hard going from Being the CEO in charge of ALL THEY DO – to being hands off. I’m trying – hands off and hands up. I’ve heard men talk about how it’s difficult working for someone else after you’ve owned your own company – and that’s how I feel in the transition. I love your encouragement on how to speak into their lives – to be encouraging, to just love them! Working on doing that in a hands off way!!

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    1. Thank you Maryleigh! It is a challenging time, we had my eldest stepdaughter continue to live with us 5 years after graduating from High School while going through university doing a double degree. It was a transitional stage for all! 😀
      But we all survived smiling & loving each other. The next challenge was in doing the same with grandchildren but in a different way because they’re our grand children & not our children 😉


  3. Beautiful reflections, Jennifer! My daughter and I were just talking this morning about how hard but how blessed we are as mothers. It reminded me of what my mother said one time. “Being a mother is the hardest job I ever had but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.” Blessings to you, Jennifer, from one mother to another! I’m your neighbor at the #LMMLinkup.

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  4. This part had me laughing. “Of course just like our crazy weather patterns where we can experience temperate, hot & cold temperatures in one day. We can also experience all four seasons of parenting in one day!” So true with parenting. And so true with where I live. Mothering is not always easy, but it is one of the best things I am doing.

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