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French tea time…

Bonjour! It is lovely to have you drop by, let’s begin our time of tea & reflection together.

This particular blend I’m brewing today was given to me as a Mother’s day gift. It is Earl Grey blended with lavender & rose petals.

As I sip this very tasty blend, the taste & aroma instantly transport me to a movie scene I saw many years ago filmed in France.

A naive young woman goes to Paris

To learn Fashion photography. She finds romance while there with a handsome photographer but realizes that the romantic notions she has for a man back home has not left her.

After seeking advice from an older wiser lady she goes on a quest to find herself in Parìs.

She takes long walks, journals while sitting in quaint cafés, photographs scenes of Paris & has new adventures…a growth & transformation has begun.

On returning to her hometown, she arrives transformed as a very sophisticated & beautiful woman, gone is the young girl.

But sadly the naive notions of romance for this ideal man has remained.

When the man of her dreams sees her…

He initially doesn’t recognize her, so she sets out to make it happen.

And soon realizes that this ideal soul mate, is but an allusion for he has never had any romantic desires for her…until…her new look!

Another man on the other hand, had always seen & recognized her true inner beauty & had always thought her beautiful

With twists & turns to the story, the Other becomes the One as she finally realizes that he has always seen her true qualities, the very essence of who she is, which had only been enhanced by her growth & transformation from the girl into the woman.

This has me pondering on our hearts…

We can have ideas, ideals, notions & thoughts on what desires we have in our hearts…can’t we? We all do it!

Then we consciously or subconsciously set about to make these happen, in the way we think they should happen!

We think that these will make our lives better, healthier, richer, more blessed, easier or a little more perfected.

These notions can be quite innocent things initially either with people, experiences, careers, position, wealth or lifestyle.

But these ideals can also become obsessive hunts for an illusive treasure…

While convincing ourselves that these quests are absolutely valid & essential, as after all, these are the true desires of our heart & of course will be so wonderful to have…


Over the last 30 years, especially in my professional life as a clinical Counselor, I have seen so many people give their hearts to pursuits that end up extremely unhealthy for them & their families.

The wisest of men said… where your treasure is, there your heart will be also! 

Matthew 6:21

Let us ask ourselves dear friend, what treasures are we pursuing in our lives that we have convinced ourselves are all important?

Are they actually taking away from the true treasure of our life the lover of our soul. Who is the One, Jesus Christ.

Who has always seen our true beauty & qualities which He created & can only be truly enhanced through growth in Him!

Until next time,


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36 thoughts on “French tea time…

  1. I loved this line: “what treasures are we pursuing in our lives”

    I’m not sure what treasures I’m pursuing. But I know I need to think about it.

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  2. Sabrina with Audrey Hepburn? But she went off to cooking school I thought. Maybe the remake? Can’t believe no one else asked you the title! I so agree your real point, though, about wasting your time on an illusion. I did that for awhile, and I’m glad I woke up to it!

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  3. Yes, Jesus is the true “lover of our souls.” May we look to Him for guidance and wisdom in our marriages and in our relationships with others. I love how you took the story from the movie and used it as an object lesson for life. By the way, I just recently saw that movie so the story was very familiar! 🙂 Blessings to you, Jennifer, and thanks for linking up with us at the #LMMLinkup!

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  4. Oh, I love Earl Gray tea, so that sounded so lovely! And, what great thoughts about looking inside of our hearts to see where our true treasure lies. It is so easy to get tangled up in so many good desires, and forget to keep our ONE desire in first place. Thank you for these words and photos today!

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  5. This is definitely something we all need to ponder: “Let us ask ourselves…what treasures are we pursuing in our lives…that we have convinced ourselves are all important…are they actually taking away from the true treasure of our life…the lover of our soul.” Thanks for making us think!

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