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It’s definitely a new Season of Life!

Hi, today I have some exciting news to share with you but first let’s grab our cuppa’s & get comfy to enjoy this time together.

As you are aware in many parts of the world it was Mother’s Day over the weekend, celebrating the gift of Motherhood.

This year I received some delicious gf treats so I’ll be muching on these while we share this time together. They’re Salted caramel marshmallows & a little bit of nougat. Yum!

My Word for this year is Season

As previously shared I have adopted the practice of having a Word or theme for the year since 2018. Praying at the end of each year for the new word/theme to be revealed for the coming year.

This year it is Season, which I shared more fully in 2023 a new Season.

And as the year has progressed some ideas have come to mind as to what this New Season may entail, so far what I had in mind hasn’t come to pass.

But something very exciting has been revealed…

And it has to do with the celebration of Motherhood. You see motherhood goes through various seasons from the moment we learn we are expecting that new little life & beyond.

These seasons can be described in the following way;

The arrival of Spring… brings that promised new life, the long awaited child has finally arrived & joined the family, it feels as though they have always been.

Spring times...herald the Joy of watching our child’s budding new growth bloom into something wonderful & amazing.

Summer times...bring hot & sweltering days of doing the hard yards of parenting through love, sweat & tears in the heat waves of life. Often leaving us feeling weary & tired. Wondering if this season will ever end with its constant source of heat & pressure!

Autumn times…with its welcomed temperate days & beautiful colors, this is the season in which our child seems to be in that time of contentment. All seems right with their world & ours!

Wintery times...seasons of quite contemplation, where our child is becoming or has become their own person. Though still needing those times of joining us around a warm & cozy hearth of love & support, especially when those stormy blasts of life come a blasting.

Of course just like our crazy weather patterns, we can experience all four seasons of parenting in one day!

The Season of Grand motherhood

This is an exciting season as we get to experience the joys of having a little fanclub who adore their grandma & of course their grandma adores them.

We get to experience one on one time like no other & view the world through our grandchildren’s eyes as we now have time to enjoy these precious moments together.

It’s such a blessing to enjoy our grandchildren without the daily responsiblity & pressures of having to raise them (although, I recognise there are many grandparents doing this).

a family looking at a album

All the seasons of grandparenting are a delight but as our grandchildren enter the adolescent years, activities with peers become an important focus in their life & we naturally fade into the background.

This is the time for us grandmothers to persue our interests while continuing to be an example of faith & support as our adult child & their adolescent navigate the tumultuous years of teenagehood.

Remembering Paul’s words;

I am reminded of your sincere faith, which first lived in your grandmother Lois and in your mother Eunice and, I am persuaded, now lives in you also.’

2 Tim 1:5 NIV

This is an important ministery we can do for our adult sons & daughters, giving a listening ear, a word of wisdom or encouragement when needed as they do the hard yards in parenting teens.

Maybe taking our adolescent grandchild out for a hot chocolate, when available, to stay connected or sending a well timed text message of love & encouragement.

It’s also a time to continually bring all to the throne of grace in prayer,  praying for our children & grandchildren of any age is a powerful blessing which must never be under estimated.

‘With all prayer and petition pray with specific requests at all times

on every occasion and in every season in the Spirit,

and with this in view, stay alert with all perseverance and petition

interceding in prayer for all God’s people.’

Eph 6:18 AMP

As the years pass our young adult grandchildren will seek us out once again as they begin to navigate adult life, marriage &…

2023 is definitely a New Season

And this is the exciting news I have to share with you today, my eldest granddaughter who married her childhood sweetheart during the pandemic is expecting her first child!

Yes, I am to be a great grandmother! And my daughter will now be the grandmother in this little one’s life, the cycle of motherhood continues.

My new season is emerging…stay tuned…

Until next time,


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30 thoughts on “It’s definitely a new Season of Life!

  1. In this season of my life
    there may be a bit of fear
    in the heart of my dear wife,
    ’cause my defining word is BEER,
    drunk before the sun arises
    (ale for breakfast’s really grand),
    and she thinks that the prime surprise is
    by nine o’clock I can still stand.
    But wait! I’ve only just begun!
    There’s lager for noontime repast,
    and at the setting of the sun
    a stout or three will get me past
    the hunger lesser folk may feel
    for an evening dinner-meal.

    This isn’t a joke. Cancer’s giving me almost constant dry heaves, and beer is the best remedy. I don’t get even mildly elevated, but it does let me eat.


  2. Congratulations! What fun! Our only grandson (so far) is 9, older than the cuddly toddler but not an adolescent yet. As grandparents, without the hustle of everyday care, I think maybe we have more inclination to just enjoy them at every stage. Sharing faith can be challenging when interests differ–I’ve always read a lot; he doesn’t, so passing books along is not the best. But may God give us wisdom to share Him with them in the ways they can best receive.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Barbara. Yes, we definitely need God’s wisdom in relating to our grandchildren & great grandchildren 🥰
      I found meeting them in their interests works well. A few of my grandchildren love art, so off to the Art Gallery/exhibitions we go one on one during school holidays.
      And then chat about the things of God over lunch afterwards.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Prayer has become much deeper & important to me too as I’ve entered these latter seasons in life Michele. Maybe because I have more time to sit with the Lord then I did when I was a young Mum🤔


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