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A profound conversation

I recently had one of those nights, you know the ones where you go to bed only to toss & turn.

Then realise it’s pointless staying there, so you get up & read for awhile.

So, I got up, warmed myself a mug of hot milk & heated a wheat pack…

You see I couldn’t sleep because I was in quite a bit of pain with Fibromyalgia (FM) & concerns for a dear loved one, who’s health is rapidly deteriorating, on my mind.


As I sat wondering what to read, sipping on the hot milk, I picked up an old journal from nine years ago & read a few entries I had written.

I enjoy reading my old journals when I have time, as there can be long forgotten gems that bless anew.

A particular entry leapt out at me.

It was a profound conversation between one of my adult daughters & I, it blessed me anew.

I hope it blesses you too…

My daughter had asked me what God had been showing me in this season of chronic health challenges, as I had medically retired a few years earlier.

A medical retirement from Clinical practice due to the overwhelming demands of FM & autoimmune conditions.

My reply;

“God keeps giving me the message to be at rest in Him,

as I have been a people rescuer most of my life.

While the caring behind that may be well meaning, it’s not always wise!

I’m learning that it’s God’s place to rescue others, if needed, my place is to trust Him.

To do His Will in the way He sees fit

& not in my timing or how I think it should be done for them!

That’s where I have to literally trust God to work in the situation.

And I’m learning what a major part prayer has in all of this…

close up of paper over white background

Wise Words…

My daughter’s reply,

“So, He has taken your brokenness & is building you up in His love. That’s true love!

I see how brave you are Mama, I see how much these conditions take out of you.

I also see how much God loves you.

I see how much He adores you & wants to take your worries & burdens.

How much He desires to give you rest. 

You show worship & honour to God when you let Him be who He is


allow yourself to be who He created you to be,

His child!”

You can see why this conversation leapt out at me.

How applicable are those words for the current situation & what wisdom God gave my daughter back then & for now!

The word, Ask

My word for this year is Ask following on from last year’s word Prayer, I had wondered what new discoveries were install.

Although, prayer has always been important to me for as long as I can remember.

This current situation gives me the opportunity to put what I have learnt with the Lord & prayer into practice.

Because our prayer for others aren’t just a petition to God, they’re so much more!

Prayer entails our trust

 & surrender to

God’s will for their life!

Even if that means that He is leading them to the gates of Heaven to enter His Glory.

For His following promise will be fulfilled in their lives too,

“I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare not for calamity but a future full of hope.”

Jeremiah 29: 11

And Heaven is the glorious future hope for us all!

You’ll be pleased to know I went back to bed & had an amazingly peaceful sleep after placing it all in God’s hands.

What do you need to place into God’s hands today my friend?

Until next time,


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29 thoughts on “A profound conversation

  1. Another timely reminder as the past couple of days have been filled with stressors and worry… and honestly all are things that are entirely out of my control. It’s just so hard to turn my worries over… I try but it doesn’t seem to stop me from worrying!

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