“I go to prepare a place for you..”

Chapter Two

A time to weep & a time to…have joy

Ecclesiastes 3:4

A short time later, I was surprised to discover I was pregnant again, great joy and gladness mixed with concern ensued…

beautiful blooming blossom blossoming

In the third month of this fourth pregnancy I had a dream, the dream was very vivid, so vivid in fact that I woke extremely anxious.

I sought wisdom from our Pastor at the time and shared the following with him, as I thought it was poignant and spiritually significant;

In my dream I was walking through a beautiful Park, the gardens in this park were breathtaking as was the variety of trees and shrubs. The colors of the flora were bright and beautiful.

Just as I arrived at the end of the Park’s pathway, that opened into a cleared section that over looked a vast Valley below, a stranger ran up to me and kicked me in my pregnant belly. I collapsed to the ground…the dream ended. 

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I knew without a doubt that it was highly significant in some way.

But I just couldn’t work out exactly what the significance was at the time.

What stranger would want to hurt my developing child and I… I put this to the back of my mind and focused getting on with our busy lives.

Even in all the busyness this fourth pregnancy progressed quite normally…

However, my Obstetrician had his concerns for my developing child because of the severity of Candy’s congenital malformations.

He did an ultra sound and the results were in the ‘normal’ band but he highly recommended a new procedure for the refined detection of abnormalities in the developing fetus.

An Amniocentesis procedure…

This was strongly advised to prepare both him and us for any severe congenital conditions that this child may have at birth…

The purpose was to ensure the correct specialized medical support would be in place at the birth.

In the meantime I had come in contact with Rubella (measles) and hadn’t wanted to expose other expectant Mums… so I waited…

Thus, the Amniocentesis was scheduled quite late in my pregnancy…

The day finally arrived, as the procedure was being performed the diagnostic ultrasound was turned off and then the Amniocentesis needle inserted.

However amniotic fluid did not fill the attached syringe as had been explained to me would be normal procedure…but blood filled the syringe.

The attending medical assistant called my trusted Obstetrician’s procedure into question, when the second syringe also filled with blood! I felt very alarmed!

With an adjustment of the needle, another syringe was taken this time filling with the amniotic fluid…

However this procedure and the actions within it had now set the following chain of events into motion…

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