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A hero?

Hi, welcome dear friend, today we are looking at what constitutes a hero, you may be surprised at what that actually entails, I know I did!

I have a hot cup of berry tea with a salted caramel nut slice for our treat.

I thought we would sit overlooking the beautiful Bougainvillea with its cerise color alongside our Jacaranda with its lilac flowers today.

Super Granny

I was recently chatting with a friend in the blogging community, that when my daughter’s were young they watched a children’s television series called Super Granny.

This Super Granny would jump in to save the day for her grandchildren when their adventures went awry.

I used to jokingly say to my daughters, that this is how I envisioned being a Granny.

A Super Nanny ready to save the mishap adventures of her grandies!

But have you ever wondered what actually constitutes a hero?

Dictionaries define a hero as;

a man or woman admired for great deeds & noble qualities, an illustrious fighter. 

Hmmmm…food for thought don’t you think?

Then yesterday I received a text message from my youngest adult daughter with a photo attached.

It read that my 11 year old grandson Master R had included my name as one of his heroes in a lesson he had at school that day!

Believing that in no way do I meet the Super Granny ideal that I had envisaged or any other type of hero status, this absolutely blew me away & blessed my day!

Although I live with chronic health conditions, I do try to do my best, even within my limited capacity.

affection baby care carrying

Sweet adventure times

This was highlighted to me recently while creating some pages for each of my grandchildren’s scrapbook albums.

Oh you probably have no idea what I’m talking about here.

Let me fill you in…

14 years ago I decided to create a special album for each of my grandchildren, these albums include photos, mementos, journalling, saved invitations, tickets, programs from their performances & school events that I have attended.

The little adventures that they have had with hubby & I from their birth until their 18th birthday.

When they receive the completed Album as their special 18th birthday gift.

I leave it to their Mama’s to do their own child/family albums.

These albums I am creating are unique one of a kind Grandie adventure albums.

So now you’re in the know

As I was saying, while bringing these albums up to date recently I realized that each one of my grandchildren & I have have had many sweet little adventures together even within my limited capacity!

Often I have wondered if the many, many, many hours of creativity that I have put into these albums would be treasured as I hope, for I am very aware that tastes & styles change with each generation.

But my wondering was put to rest when my eldest granddaughter turned 18 last year & received her Grandie Album.

She was so delighted with her keepsake commenting on how very special & precious it was to have a treasured remembrance of our adventures together!

On reflection in what constitutes a hero from the definition advice & the wisdom from the ancients in Galatians,

It may be the simple fact that we share the following noble qualities of love, gentleness, patience, kindness, joy, peacefulness & faithfulness in a child’s life.

Continuing to rise to life’s challenges & simply turn up in their life, that makes us a hero in their eyes.

May we continue to be steadfastly growing in fruitfulness in these noble qualities of the Spirit.

To be everyday heroes, fighting the good fight where we’re planted.

Until next time, 

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31 thoughts on “A hero?

  1. I like the idea of a Grandie Album. I made a graduation album for each of our children that reflected on their “growing up” years – school, birthdays, Christmas, hobbies, etc. But I hadn’t thought of a Grandie Album and thank you for the suggestion.

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  2. What a wonderful idea! I love how you’ve chosen to physically store up little momentos of your times together. But I especially love your willingness to just be there… to be present in their lives through all the thick and thin. Thanks for the inspiring reminder. Glad I dropped in for a cuppa. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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