Only one earth life…

Hello & welcome, I have been waiting with excitement to share our time together today.

I have made Gf carrot cup cakes with cream cheese frosting & brewed a new Morning black tea blend, grown & refined here in Australia.

The cup cakes are so moist & delicious, with the frosting so creamy & tasty!

I haven’t made these for years, as they are so morish you can’t stop at one!

We are seated today looking out over the bay, protected from the cold wind, in the lovely warm sunshine.

With the sound of the waves lapping the shoreline.

Now we are enjoying our tea & treat, shall we begin our reflection…

A Circle of friendship

I watched a movie length documentary the other day with my dear friend, we don’t often watch documentaries together but on this occasion we did.

It was about the lives of four very accomplished women in the same profession

But whom had led very unique lives while continuing a life long friendship.

Apparently they often get together to catch up but on this occasion a film team was present filming.

My friend & I roared with laughter at many of the funny things said & unsaid by these women, obviously close friends, while chatting around the table with each other.

But in the last 30 minutes of this documentary, the mood completely changed.

It had been a day of fond reminiscing, friendly teasing, inside friendly banter & a discussion on more serious memories of their first husbands (whom had since passed).

There had been both endearing & surprising behaviour from these four octogenarian friends during the filming.

earth space cosmos

The Finale

But what changed the mood was the mention of another friend whom had made their own preplanned funeral arrangements.

All those around the table became very solemn & somber, a few feisty about how dare this friend ask if they too had made plans for their funerals.

But the mood had definitely changed…

I clearly observed real fear take up residence in each one of their faces on this subject.

Then the matriarch of the group abruptly ended the filming.

While eating our sandwiches & drinking our cups of tea, after watching this documentary.

My friend & I discussed how interesting it had been to watch & learn more about these women.

Though later that night, I found myself rather deep in thought for these ladies.

An Observation 

These women had all reached the absolute pinnacle of their profession, each had been honoured & awarded the highest title of the land for their work.

But none of them had any future eternal hope.

Each one had shown a real & palatable fear of death & dying.

This is not in any way a judgement but an observation through decades of experience as a Clinical Counselor.

A quote kept coming to mind as I reflected upon this observation.

It was a quote from a poem by C.T Studd, that hung in the main lecture theatre at the Bible college I graduated from;

“Only one earth life, Soon it will pass, Only what’s done for Jesus will last.” 

I thought of my own personal journey of death & dying (shared Here).

And the promised future hope that I have come to know intimately.

Death for me does not hold fear or terror, for I know whom I believe & what awaits those whom believe in Him.

Do you fear death my friend?

There is One who can take that fear & turn it into joyful hope if you allow Him. More in Prayer

Until next time,


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28 thoughts on “Only one earth life…

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  1. Yes indeed aging brings up many memories and thoughts. I celebrated my 70th in April. Fear? Sometimes because there’s so much still left to experience but then I remember that this is a fleeting existance and I know I will be with my Creator.

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  2. Delightful as always, Jennifer. It sounds like a very interesting documentary. It’s unfortunate that even believers often struggle with the decisions about things such as you describe. My mother had been a Christian and yet as she neared death, she became fearful.

    Hope you are well! Would love one of those cupcakes about now…nearly time for dinner as I write this!


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  3. Hi, Jennifer. How wonderful that you had the opportunity to watch this documentary with dear friends. We are all faced with the inevitability of leaving this earth one day..your wonderful quote is what matters most–knowing that life on earth is fleeting we are blessed not only by the people here who have touched our lives, but that blessed assurance that our Lord and Savior Jesus is watching and waiting to welcome us home. ❤ Blessings and love… xo

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  4. Hi Jennifer, I landed here from Twitter and was fascinated by your thoughts…so relaxed yet so profound! Yes, we get just one life but theories of reincarnation don’t seem to believe so. What is your take on that?
    Death scares only the young, life lessons make us resilient and we learn to detach and embrace death calmly.


  5. Jennifer, what a lovely post as always. I would love to see the documentary. Death is as sure as breath. Yet so many are fearful and have made no preparations to meet the Creator of life. The quote is also a beautiful song. Thank you for using your blog to point people to Jesus.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Pam for your kind words, I didn’t know it was a song! I’ll have to look it up.
      It’s an absolute joy to be a tour guide in pointing out the way to the greatest adventure any of us can possibly experience…a relationship with our Creator through His Son.

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  6. Sounds like that was a very moving documentary! I just finished reading Joan Chittister’s book “The Gift of Years.” It was a wonderful read, but often times sober as well. We all will die but too often we’d rather not think about it, to our own neglect.

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  7. How sad that people can be so accomplished in their careers and never seek to understand what God has to say about life and death and eternity. Beautiful, thoughtful post. Pinning on my “posts worth reading” board.

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    1. Oh thank you Donna, I appreciate your sharing my post! What an honor.
      I have found that people get focused on their present achievements & goals for their lives & careers but sadly miss the One who had given Life itself.


  8. Sounds like a great movie and so good to have them reflect and even express their fears – hopefully all who see it will take stock and find true Hope.

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  9. All I know is I look forward to going home! There are hugs I never got there from a daughter I never held. There is my Father – who will hug me like my father never did. I cannot imagine not having that homecoming!

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