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It is still unknown as to what the ‘mist’ was that we were sprayed with by Bio security at the Airport before being allowed to disembark from the aircraft that day in 1981.

We do know that there was a high incidence of Dengue Fever in Malaysia at that time. Whether this was a precaution for any stow away mosquitoes on board that harbor this virus or not remains purely speculative.

Even after many hours of research into trying to locate past records of Bio security measures, protocols and practices during this period remains allusive.

What is known through current research on Neural Tube Defects, is that exposure to certain toxic chemicals are shown to be one of the main contributing factors that affects the growing embryo at this critical stage of Neural Tube development.

However, the answers to these questions remain a mystery at this stage. But I remain hopeful that one day a light will shine and revelation will be given.

In the years since these events, I have reflected upon the meaning of the dream I had in my pregnancy with Benjamin. I can see that it was indeed prophetic in nature.

However I believe it was preparatory for the experience of heaven rather then a prophetic warning for the Amniocentesis procedure. As neither my husband nor I, at the time, would have ever equated the stranger in the dream with my trusted Obstetrician, who recommended & preformed the procedure.

The Amniocentesis results and autopsy report for Benjamin, that we received after his death, were Negative for all known congenital conditions and malformations. Therefore he was perfectly normal. However the autopsy did reveal a wound to his right foot!

I continue to rest in the knowledge that I know where both my daughter Candy and son Benjamin are and that they’re whole, encompassed in pure joy in the care of my loving Heavenly Father.

And that we will all spend eternity together when the time comes. How amazing is that future promise…

Thank you for joining me on this journey today, I feel very honored that you persisted in reading to the end.

Bless you,



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