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Welcome dear friend, I thought this library of reflections may be a source of encouragement for those of you who are struggling with chronic health issues.

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I live with several chronic autoimmune conditions myself, there are no cures for these conditions although I do live in hope. In the meantime, I refuse to allow these unwelcome tenants to steel my life away…

Yes, I won’t deny that these chronic conditions have dramatically impacted my life, as it once was, but I have also found a new level of richness & joy to my life in the midst of the daily chronic pain & fatigue.

In the following reflections I share my journey & how I have utilized certain abundant life strategies to come to a much deeper & richer life experience!

So grab a cup of your favorite beverage, a treat of deliciousness & join me in one or all of the following…By clicking on the colored text it will open the door to our time together…

I enjoy our times of reflection over a cuppa together dear friend, I look forward to it, if you have joined me in each of the above, you are most welcome to join me in other times of reflection at HOME.

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