A Theme for 2022

Welcome my friend! As we begin our new year with all its blessings to come.

Let us enjoy a time together over a cuppa & of course a few treats!

Today we have a spicy Cinnamon Caramel Coffee, my own creation & a slice of a gf sweet loaf, made with almonds, coconut, dried apricots, dates & left over fruit mince tarts!

Now we’re settled let’s chat.

The journey of the word

As you may remember last week we reflected upon the wonderful  Art of the Slow & how this has been such a blessing.

This week I thought I’d share my journey in finding this year’s word but with a difference.

As 2021 drew to it’s close I was mindful for God’s prompts for 2022’s word.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this practice let me explain.

A few years ago when I started blogging I noticed many taking a word of focus for a year.

I had never done this nor heard about this practice beforehand but said to the Lord I was open to His promptings.

So at the end of that year I noticed that the word Grace seemed to be highlighted from every direction.

So I took God’s Grace as a focus in 2019, it was a year full of His grace being demonstrated in so many ways as shared in Recognizing Grace in hard times.

Then in 2020 The word was Release.

In 2021 a year of approaching Prayer from a new perspective in A magnificent Occupation.


As I was keeping a look out for a word for this year.

I found it to be a different experience, as this time I have two words highlighted to me.

One related to last year’s word Prayer which is the word ‘Ask’ & the other to the Art of Slow which is ‘Intentional’.

2022 a year with a difference

So this year I will be focusing upon two words, ‘Ask’ & ‘Intentional’. 

Which are not mutually exclusive!

Ask with Intent!

I’m excited to see what treasures my Heavenly Father has for me this year.

For we are told the following in His Word;

“Now to Him who, by His power that is at work within us, is able to carry out His purpose abundantly far above all that we dare ask or think [infinitely beyond our highest prayers, desires, thoughts, hopes, or dreams].”

Ephesians 4: 20

I’m excited to begin the journey!

Do you have a word or two for this year my friend? I would love to hear it.

Until next time,


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28 thoughts on “A Theme for 2022

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      1. I don’t usually choose a word…a word chooses me. Reciprocity seems to be the word choosing me this year, however, I am still marinating on it. Ask and intentional are great words and I love the way you marry them; Ask with Intent. Yes!

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  1. I confess that I had not been in the group who chose “a word for the year” and it didn’t immediately nudge me to join in. Somehow I didn’t want to get over focused (as I can do) on one thing and miss other things the Lord wanted me to see. As we entered 2022, two words have become themes for me and I might likely be prone to use the word theme more than “word for the year”. Those words are release and rest. Not sure what all the Lord has in mind for those, but the first posts of the year are focused on the theme of rest.

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    1. Yes, I like your term Pam “theme” it’s interesting God has given us a two word theme! Rest & release sound very exciting. Release was the theme I had in 2020 & saw the release of two dear loved ones into the kingdom of God after praying for 40+ years!


  2. Ask with intent – that’s a great theme to head into 2022 with. (Well, into any year!) I’m sure the Lord will be honoring your intention. It’ll be exciting to watch how the journey unfolds as God answers. My 2022 word is your 2020 word Release.

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  3. My word is “attach.” Because of trauma my God-given desire to safely attach became diminished. This year my primary attachment figure is God and secondarily to connect more deeply with the safe people in my life.

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  4. Jennifer I do enjoy focusing on a word of the year, and especially the ways God speaks to me through that word. Not surprising that it is often counter to what I thought at the outset! My 2022 word is resilience. Your words of “ask & intentional”, are interestingly entwined. Can’t wait to see how God embraces you with these words in 2022!

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  5. I always enjoy reading how people come to their words. And, it’s fun to see the unique ways God speaks His word-specific focus for each person! I look forward to reading how God speaks to you through your words this year!

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