A Word of Advice

Have you ever needed advice on an important issue in your life? I think we’ve all been there, haven’t we!

Come on in & join me in a delightful cuppa today. Grab yours, get comfy & let’s begin.

Many years ago I sought advice from a friend on an issue that was of great concern in my life. She asked me if I had prayed on the subject without ceasing & waited for the Lord’s answer.

When I heard this, I was a little frustrated with her advice as I thought, how on earth can I pray all day & get things done in the busyness of my life?

But then I remembered reading the story of a well known Scottish teacher of the late 19th Century.

Where his students being fascinated with his deep faith & humility wanted to know how he interacted with God.

People watch those of faith…

They thought he must have some type of special spiritual formula & they wanted it.

In those days teachers & students lived in close proximity, which gave them a clear platform for observing him.

They observed that upon waking & before retiring he would lift his eyes heavenward. And yet nothing else really stood out to them, other then his humility & faith as he went about his normal everyday life teaching at the college.

This had them absolutely flummoxed! So they decided to ask him what he was actually doing as he looked heavenward.

This humble man looked at them with a mixture of surprise & amusement, then with a twinkle in his eye & a smile upon his face answered;

On waking I say good morning Father, on retiring I say good night. I’m in constant communication with Him as I go about my daily life.

I remembered, when I had read this thinking at the time, how on earth can you pray & meditate all day & get things done! Impossible!

And here my friend was asking me the same thing!

Squeezing time with God into the busyness of life

That season of my life was extremely busy, I’m saddened to admit it now but I had to squeeze a quick quiet time in with the Lord back then. As I was a Mama of three young children, a wife & Bible college student in an overly busy & hectic schedule!

However, since journeying through life, experiencing the joys & tragedies life brings.

With each joy & tragedy along the way delivering little pearls of His wisdom that I hadn’t strung together.

Until one day back in 2005 when chronic health conditions hit me from left field! Forcing me into a time of stillness & quietness with Him.

Being mindful

Which over the past 16 years has taught me to be mindful of His presence throughout my waking hours rather then as I had previously done, squeezing Him into my time slot & sending Him quick SOS prayers in the moment.

I’ve learnt that it’s about allowing God’s Spirit to interact with my spirit in the everyday things of life, in opening a time of free communication with Him from waking to retiring.

Though I’m still very much a work in progress, I really do get it & surprisingly I do accomplish everything I need to in each day…It is possible to,

“Pray without ceasing…”

1 Thessalonians 5:17


Oh, how I love all your [His] truths & love to ponder them in my waking hours…”

Psalms 119:97

And I did get my answer to prayer back then when I consulted the Lord throughout the day. It was the greatest words of advice Betty Mitchell could have given me at that time & for the times ahead. More on prayer Here.

Until next time,


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24 thoughts on “A Word of Advice

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  1. Thank you Jennifer for the good word of advice. Being in communication all day with our Father is the best! It doesn’t have to be a formal prayer, but just talking with Him all during our day. Blessings my friend ♥️

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  2. This is so good, Jennifer! What a beautiful reminder to be in constant communion with our Heavenly Father (love the story about the Scottish teacher!) … and how blessed we are that He is ALWAYS available. Thanks for sharing, friend! 🤗

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  3. Jennifer I love this reminder to pray without ceasing. Like you, I wondered how I could ever fit this in my “busy” days. But over the years I have developed much the same practice as the Scottish teacher you mentioned. I start and end the day with God, but in between we continue to converse about everything! What a friend we have in Jesus!

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  4. Your post reminded me of the theologian Paul Tillich’s writings about our “Ultimate Concern”. He would advocate exactly the words from Thessalonians – Pray without ceasing.

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  5. Jennifer, our walks with the Lord are a constant work in progress, aren’t they? Hopefully, we learn how to walk more closely with Him and we gain wisdom as we grow and age. Praying without ceasing and knowing God hears us . . . what a gift He’s given us!

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