Well hello there! I have some new things to share with you today…grab yourself your favorite cuppa, get comfy & we will have our special time together…

I have been making some changes here, so that it’s a little easier to locate reflections under three main categories.

Thus I would like to announce, that I have added three new parent pages to my Menu; Spirituality, Chronic Health, Mental Health, I encourage you to check them out & utilize them as resources.

With making all these additions I am just a little fatigued, well actually a lot, although I did try to get a reflection ready for us today…it just didn’t quite get finished.

So, I thought we would spend time together in reflections you may not have enjoyed yet, they were written quite a while ago, maybe before you joined me here…If you click on the colored text below…that door will be opened…

shallow focus photo of orange ceramic mug on white saucer

I hope you enjoyed our time together my dear friend. Don’t forget to check out my new Menu categories Mental HealthSpiritualityChronic Health.

Until next time,



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  1. I decided to click “wisdom” and was glad I did. I really enjoyed the reflection. On a fun note, a woman at the gym was exercising with the name(our heart monitors have names on the screen) All4Him. So I asked her where she went to church. After telling me, she joked that another person thought it meant she was all about a man! She had to explain.

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