Inner Narratives…

There are many fascinating narratives in the world about so many different topics…But there is one narrative that is continually being narrated…

Welcome dear friend, I have a tray of delights ready for our tea time in the garden as we enjoy our beautiful autumn weather here in Australia.

Our tea is an Indian Spice blend, quite different to Chai, this one has little pieces of dried fruit & rose petals, our treat is a freshly baked strawberry & coconut loaf…

The Little Wattle birds are back busy making their nests & squawking their squawk. The sun is shining its warmth upon us & our beautiful Jacaranda is standing majestical, as shared in the Tree of life

Now we are seated, enjoying our cuppa, shall we reflect upon what narratives are & just how much influence they have in our lives…


 Beginning with the following definition & meaning of the word Narrative;

  • a spoken or written account of connected events ~ a story
  • in the form of/or concerned with narration ~ story telling

As a child I was introduced to the wonderful world of reading by my paternal Uncle who was a Senior High School Educator for the Deaf community. I loved reading stories & being transported to their fascinating worlds.

Then my maternal grandfather, when he came to visit, loved to tell my sister & I bedtime stories about a mystical world full of tiny creatures, that I’m sure he invented as he went along. We loved his animation & emphasis on certain phrases in this time.

Throughout the years as a Mama & Grandmama I too have read many stories to my daughter’s & my grandchildren from story books, mysteries, fable & ancient scripts… as shared in Little Miss L.

And as a writer I continually formulate narratives from the everyday world around me. Many are shared here with you in our times of reflection.

But today I thought we would reflect upon the narrative within. The narrative of the mind & heart that we continually retell ourselves, the one that is in continual motion…

This internal narrative captivates many thoughts & long held beliefs on life that we quite often are unaware of until they’re challenged. I have recently been challenged on a few of my own…

 How do we develop our inner narratives?

We develop our inner narrative through the lense of our family background, childhood experiences, cultural background, core beliefs & moral compass…

Then as we sojourn through life, various circumstances that we experience will either confirm or challenge our inner narrative…

Our inner narrative may not always be true though, we can have false narratives as our inner truths.

Let me personalize this for you…

I was recently challenged with the following questions in a fellowship study (paraphrased);

  • How do you see God?
  • What is your personal narrative about God’s love for you?

I set about reflecting upon these questions…I have a very loving earthly Dad so to see God as my Heavenly Father in a loving, fair & just God is not a challenge for me.

However, I do realize that this is not the case for everyone, it may be quite challenging if you did not have a loving earthly Dad . 

So then, my personal narrative of God is that He is a caring, loving, protective provider who loves me & only wants the best for me.

Then came the following questions (paraphrased)…

  • What was your childhood experience of love?
  • Was there an expectation or perception in having to earn that family love through your accomplishments, merit or standard of behavior?
  • Does your inner narrative of God have these same perceptions in having to earn His love through what you do for Him?

Hmmm! That stopped me in my tracks! These were very thought provoking & challenging questions…That I need to reflect upon & journal for awhile..

Then this week another question really stood out (paraphrased)…

  • What is your inner narrative about God’s love for you in your present circumstances?

Hmmm! Very thought provoking…as I have chronic health conditions, one being chronic pain…stay tuned for my reflective answers.

I invite you to join me in reflecting & journaling about your inner narrative using the above questions as a catalyst…dear friend.

What are our inner narratives…are they inner truths or false narratives….

Until next time…



©  photo © Jennifer, All Rights Reserved.

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29 thoughts on “Inner Narratives…

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  1. Very thought provoking post Jennifer! My inner narritive is being seriously challenged by how I am being treated as an employee of The Department of Education and it brings me to a place of deep reflection and my only option is openness to the power of the Universe to guide me in the best use of my short life in the preservation and empowerment of myself and the drive I have to see all those I interact with have the best opportunity to flourish. Le grà, Marie xx

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  2. I love this! I definitely want to take some time to journal about these questions. How we live in relation to what we think we believe often is quite surprising. How did you come upon these questions? Soul-searching like this is so helpful to understanding our faith and opens the door to knowing the Lord more and in a deeper way. We also see the lies we believe, and can seek Truth to counteract them. Thanks so much for sharing! Great post!

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  3. Thought provoking questions about our inner narrative. I have a loving earthly father, so accepting the love of my Heavenly Father has not been difficult. My hubby had the opposite of an earthly father. I will be looking forward to your answers, Jennifer.

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  4. I was just reading some research on our thinking process–and the way our brains change according to our thinking habits. They called it neuroplasticity, and the good narratives were labeled a “growth mindset.” I really like that!

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  5. These are some very thought-provoking questions Jennifer. As you said, our experiences, past and present, have a lot to do with shaping our narratives and can often distort our perceptions…. I think I’ll take some time to reflect on these questions also. Blessings to you!

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  6. I think it is only when we recognize the stories we hold as these inner narratives that they have a chance to change through God’s active grace. Otherwise they keep us captive if they are toxic ones.

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  7. Dear Jennifer,
    I started a new e-course recently that is also asking me to allow God to show me the hidden inner parts of my heart. I was surprised by some un-truths that I had been holding onto, things that stood in direct opposition to the all sufficient power of my Lord. I am so grateful that He cleanses us anew, so that we can see with eyes that have His clear perspective, and His own Words from Scripture. Thank you for posting these insightful questions today! Blessings to you!

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  8. Jennifer, I loved reading about narratives. My father was a natural storyteller. I think I inherited his storytelling abilities, which is why I like to write stories in my blog. Most of my posts begin with stories.

    Our inner narratives can and should change throughout our lives. Good for you for being flexible enough mentally, spiritually, and emotionally to think about the thought-provoking questions and examine your inner narratives. You have inspires me to do the same thing! I love learning from other bloggers!

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  9. I need to consider my inner narrative every day! A friend of mine recently told me that she’s writing her narrative down on index cards. If it isn’t right, true, noble, pure, lovely, or admirable – she’s writing the truth down on the other side of the card. Love that idea! Thank you for the thoughtful post…

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