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Grace in the unexpected…

Welcome, I’m honored that you have dropped by to share in a time of tea & reflection together!

I thought today in this month of celebrating love, it would be an ideal time to reflect upon Grace.

I have made some gf Apple & cinnamon pancakes with fresh mango slices, maple syrup & coconut yoghurt with a pot of English Breakfast tea for our tea time together.

So while we enjoy our pancakes & cuppa, let’s reflect upon…


What is grace?

It is defined as unmerited favor, loving kindness & mercy.  

Grace is the word that kept invading my thoughts as 2019 approached.

I haven’t been in the habit of having a word or theme for a new year, as many bloggers do, until last year when the word Majestical seemed to be everywhere.

And I thought actually God & His presence in my life is absolutely majestical!

So, I was a little curious & yes, just a little daunted as the word Grace was continually emphasized.

My thoughts were, I truly know & experience God’s grace in my life every day, so I wondered why this was being highlighted to me for 2019.

Then I thought maybe I was to display a new depth of His grace to others.

As there’s always room for growing our heart attitude in graciousness & gracefulness, when we ourselves have been given such wondrous grace in God’s love through Jesus.

I was soon to receive a generous measure & display of His grace in a recent chain of the most unexpected events.

affection appreciation decoration design

If you haven’t already read my reflection The unexpected .emergency I highly recommend you do.

It will give you the background of the emergency we have just had with my husband.

We are still in this journey, grace in action displays the miraculous;

  • The ambulance was only 10 minutes away when dispatched. We live in a regional area, this is not the norm in having paramedics arrive so quickly!
  • The RN in emergency when she heard of Steve’s symptoms (as the paramedics radioed them in), called in the most skilled emergency physician she knew to be on hand for urgent diagnosis (this was later relayed to me by this RN).
  • The surgical team were ready & had begun surgery within 40 minutes of diagnosis on a Sunday morning!
  • The surgeon on call that weekend, was the Consultant who specializes in this particular emergency!
  • The hospital Steve was transported to has its foundations & ethos in God & His Son Jesus, which was reflected in the staff & the atmosphere.
  • When Steve’s lung collapsed post operatively, the medical team were straight onto it, preventing the onset of pneumonia.
  • I was given grace in strength & energy to travel to see my man! Another miracle in itself with this chronic condition of Fibromyalgia.
  • My daughter & family had extended their stay before they knew of this emergency (not a coincidence!). Being on hand to give us their support without having to meet work schedules or deadlines.
  • The generous gift of prayer & compassion from so many. The gracious gifts & offers of practical support too!

“…He said to me,

My grace (favor, loving kindness & mercy) is sufficient against any danger,

enabling you to go through the situation;

for My strength & power are complete in your vulnerability.”

2 Corinthians 12:9

His amazing Grace

in a most unexpected chain of events…

Your gracious prayers are being answered, Steve is home now & will be recovering for the next 6 weeks.

Thank you dear friends, you have such gracious & generous spirits.

Words can not express our gratitude for your compassionate prayers.

Until next time,


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38 thoughts on “Grace in the unexpected…

  1. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful story of, Jennifer. ❤ May peace, love, and the amazing grace God continues to share with us abound, giving us faith to continue even when the world around us can sometimes seem to be in a state of flux. xo

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  2. So sorry to hear of your husband’s emergency – but what a wonderful praise to the Lord. How He has been involved in every detail – and that you and your family are able to see His hand. What a wonderful, personal savior we have! Thank you for sharing your story. I will be praying for your husband’s continued and complete recovery!

    Liked by 1 person

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