Ages & stages…

Hi, we are celebrating my birthday this week, you’re most welcome to join me in a time of reflection over a cuppa & birthday treat.

Another decade has rolled over & a milestone has been reached, so I decided this birthday would differ in its celebration.

Rather then family & friends joining me for a one off celebration, I thought it would be fun to enjoy celebrating throughout the year!

I will be organizing a one on one time of…you guessed it…Tea with Jennifer!

Just like my One on one timewith Miss S. I thought quality time with each of the ones that I love over a cuppa was the best celebration of all!

As we sit at the table, under our pergola, watching the honey eaters fluttering nearby & sipping New York Breakfast tea, a black tea flavored with vanilla, munching on chocolate bites & strawberries.

Let’s reflect upon this last decade…

So much has happened in the past 10 years, that this reflection would not accommodate all the experiences!

Therefore I will share a brief summary…

We have seen the joyful addition of 5 more grandchildren to our combined family.

My daughters & I have witnessed God’s healing miracles for two of our granddaughters, both having undergone major corrective surgeries.

We gathered for a wedding celebration, to welcome a new son in law, only to say goodbye to him (shortly after their first wedding anniversary) at his memorial service.

Six months later we stood at my father in law’s bedside in ICU as we watched him pass into eternity, both deaths the result of tragic accidents.


My husband & I received diagnoses of chronic health conditions but have also seen the deepening of our love & appreciation for each other through these conditions, introduced in Relationships.

In this decade I took early retirement from professional practice in Clinical counseling as a result of the chronic conditions.

I have had the privilege & joy of meeting you here each week for our time of tea & reflection together!

I celebrated the publishing & distribution of my second book to the point of supply exhaustion!


I had the delight of seeing our 10 grandchildren grow into delightful little people & the eldest into a lovely young adult pursuing her dreams.

I have observed God’s grace working continually in each of their lives throughout those years.

Within this last decade we have experienced exhilaration in joy, comfort in sadness, peace in crisis, calm in life’s chaos, serenity in the face of heart wrenching decisions & strength, when we had none…

Through all of these joys & challenges, there has been One who has kept His promise.

Never leaving, nor forsaking, always giving us His support & has never given up on us…that One is our gracious Heavenly Father!

” …for He, God Himself has said, 

I will not in anyway fail you nor give you up nor leave you without support.

  I will, I will not, I will not in any degree leave you helpless,

nor forsake nor let you down nor relax my hold on you! Assuredly not!”

Hebrews 13: 5b  Refer 2

His promise wasn’t to keep us from going through the ups & downs in life but to be with us in them!

Therefore, there is always hope in situations that may initially appear hopeless, for He is the hope, as seen in His grace working in all of the above.

So as I close this chapter on the past decade & begin a new one, I’m excited in what adventures lay ahead in this next stage of my life.

As I’m absolutely assured He will be with me to the end & beyond!

Until next time,


You’re most welcome to join me in The Reading Nook

Or in Prayer

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  1. Happy Birthday! I enjoyed reading your post this morning. “His promise wasn’t to keep us from going through the ups & downs in life but to be with us in them!
    Therefore, there is always hope in situations that may initially appear hopeless, for He is the hope, as seen in His grace working in all of the above in my life.” Thanks for the reassurance and reminder of God’s eternal love for us.

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  2. Happy Birthday, Jennifer! Congratulations on the new milestone! More importantly, thank you for sharing the considerable evidence of grace, mercy, wisdom, and love that are so clear as you reflect on the decade just ended. May this new decade bring you richer intimacy with the Lord and those whom you love.

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  3. Happy birthday Jennifer, wishing you a most blessed year and new decade of God’s amazing grace. I love your photos and that beautiful crocheted cloth. In life’s tragedy, God was with you and still is. He is a constant and abiding presence. I always enjoy reading your thoughts.❤️

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  4. HaPpY HaPpY BIRTHDAY Jennifer to you (& your beautiful blog!) May God continue to bless you with extra doses of grace, peace, patience, wisdom, joy, love, perseverance (and many more cups of lovely tea) in your next decade. 🎉🎂🎉💐🎉☕️🎉🍧🎉💕🎉

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  5. What a decade you’ve had, Jennifer. And a wonderful testimony of the Lord’s faithfulness! You bring glory to Him as you proclaim His faithfulness in all seasons. Blessings to you in the next ten and beyond!

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  6. What beautiful flowers! 10 grandchildren… that’s bound to keep you busy! I love how you’ve looked back on the year and the decade, I think that’s such a poignant thing to do to reflect on everything that’s happened, both the joys and the challenges, as you say. Wishing you a very happy, blessed and wonderful Birthday! 🙂
    Caz xxxx

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  7. Happy Birthday. You decade sounds like mine though the numbers differ since we brought fewer children together when we married. I am sorry to learn of losing a son-in-law so quickly. I hope your daughter is healing from that. I am 60 years older than my granddaughter who continually delights on her birthdays by adding 60 to her age and grinning at me! Much love.

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  8. Wishing you a belated Happy Birthday, Jennifer! ❤ How blessed we are to have our dear Lord holding us up and celebrating with us through every step of life's earthly journey. May your brand new year be overflowing with blessings and love… xo

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  9. Hey Jen, Happy Birthday! 🎁🎈What a cool post! It’s so nice to learn more about you and your family. I do enjoy these times of tea together. I’m sorry about the loss your family has experienced. Looking forward to more tea time in the future. 😊

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  10. Happy birthday, dear friend! I love your idea for celebrating your milestone birthday with one-on-one time. A lot of life happens in a decade, doesn’t it? From the joy of new grandchildren to the grief that somes from saying goodbye to loved ones. “His promise wasn’t to keep us from going through the ups & downs in life but to be with us in them!” This is such a wonderful line! My sentiments exactly!

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  11. Happy Birthday and thank you for this beautiful recap of the decade ending where God has been the constant thread in the fabric of your life. May God continue to bless you and keep you.

    (We connect with you about chronic pain and early retirement.)

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