Flourishing when all seems lost…

Today we are going on a walk…a walk that revealed such amazing wisdom…we will have our regular cuppa & treat when we return…


We amble down the boardwalk at the waterfront. This boardwalk winds through a coastal marshy reserve with native ferns, grasses, many beautiful species of Gums & a Koala habitat. The gums are in blossom at the moment, so we can smell their sweet nectar as we wander deeper into the undergrowth. The tide is receding from its high status, so the waves are gently lapping the shore beneath our feet where the boardwalk extends out over the water, covering the sand flats where the Ibis, Egrets & Sandpipers can be seen scouraging at low tide…it’s a beautiful warm Spring day…

As we wander along enjoying the beauty of this amazing water wonderland …we round a bend & just ahead through the foliage we catch a glimpse of a ghostly trunk protruding from the sea. I comment that this beautiful stately Gum, along with two others nearby sadly met their demise in a huge storm we had awhile ago. The ground literally was washed out from under them by the relentless crashing waves, causing them to fall not far from where they had once stood tall in their majestical splendor…


Then as we draw closer to the ghostly white trunks we notice something extraordinary has happened…there is new growth on two of the three that had fallen, although submerged in saltwater for up to 12 hours a day…a branch has started to take the shape of a new strong & thickened trunk out of the fallen one! It is flourishing in its new circumstances when all had seemed lost!


How can this be?

On further investigation as the tide ebbs, we notice that it’s roots extend from its fallen trunk & disappear into the solid earth of the shore, where it is obviously drawing the nutrients it needs to counteract being submerged in salt water!


This is such a poignant lesson…life storms such as betrayal, relationship breakdown, divorce, death of a loved one, loss of a job, cancer diagnosis, chronic illness or a dearly loved child making unwise choices can hit us at anytime & literally wash the ground out from under us causing our resolve to fall, leaving us feeling battered bruised & vulnerable. We may find ourselves submerged in a sea of life change that we neither welcome nor desire.

But if our roots have been growing in fertile ground that has been nourishing us, we will cling to our faith for that extra strength & wisdom in these times. Knowing that our Creator has promised never to leave nor forsake us & we will definitely be able to flourish in this new season with all its tides of change… 

I invite you to share in a cup of Maple tea… where I share how both tree roots & our roots are fascinatingly nourished or not (click or tap on the colored text for the link). 

We are seated now at a picnic table overlooking the water with our delicious cup of Maple tea…, reflecting upon the wisdom of nourishing our soul within the circumstances we find ourselves & growing strong where we are planted…

How are you nourishing the roots of your soul dear friend & how often do you stop to be refreshed…when was the last time you felt truly restored…the ancients left us the following wisdom;

“Watch over your soul with all diligence. For from it flow the springs of life.”

Proverbs 4: 23

Until next time…


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Waiting in the meantime…

Welcome dear friend, so lovely to have you drop by…I have some Pikelets (mini pancakes) with strawberry jam & a dollop of cream for our treat. A delicious cup of Hibiscus & Cranberry tea is also ready & waiting for our time of reflection together…

man sitting on the chair while doing fishing near body of water

Have you noticed that waiting is one of the hardest things to do & can be one of the most frustrating to go through! So why is waiting so difficult for us?

Shall we reflect upon the following…

Waiting can take many forms; waiting for that long awaited child to make their entrance into the world; waiting for that romantic special One to appear; waiting for a promise to be fulfilled; waiting for our prayers to be answered; waiting for healing; waiting for a sea/tree change; waiting for a season to begin or to end in life…just to name a few…

What ever the reason, we are placed in a holding pattern, one where we are constantly circling above the expected hope…this can be very challenging!

Did you know that there is a psychology to waiting! There has been a great deal of psychological research done on this very subject & most come to a similar conclusion on the behavior patterns of those in waiting!

The studies found that when people have an expected time for the outcome of what they are hoping & waiting for the following behavior patterns are observed;

  1. The further away the expected time for the outcome is believed to be ~ the greater the patience exhibited!
  2. The closer the expected time for the outcome ~ the less patient people become & greater the frustration experienced!


In other words if we think the outcome of our hope is a long way off, we come into an attitude of resigned acceptance…it is going to happen one day in the future…so hope & expectation looks ahead to the positive outcome which nurtures patience in the waiting!

However, if our expectation is that it’s going to happen at any minute…our attitude increasingly becomes impatient & frustrated as time passes & our hope remains unfulfilled. Our hope & expectation turns into fear & anxiety. Which hinder the development of patience…

You may ask…what does patience actually do for us & why do we need to develop it in life? It is actually a critical component for our emotional, mental & spiritual well being as it helps us to persevere through life with resilience. It builds faith & trust in God’s perfect timing for the outcome of our hope.

Rest in the Lord & wait patiently for Him; do not fret… Refer

Let’s take the above example…waiting for that long awaited child to make their entrance into this world. I had five of my own children, so this is a subject I can personalize…five pregnancies is a long time of waiting! However look what amazing development is taking place in the meantime! A little human with all of their potential is being created within! How awesome is that!

When a woman first knows she’s pregnant & given the due date for the birth, she’s excited & hopeful in her expectation…she accepts that in her patient waiting…even with all the morning sickness, discomfort, major changes to her body & the pain of labor…she will be rewarded in due time with the safe arrival of her child.

However what happens when that due date comes & goes! Her attitude of patience starts to wear thin, the longer the time goes past the due date, the more impatient she becomes which eventually turns into frustration. Hot on the heels of frustration come fear & anxiety for the safety of her child which can lead to stress, which in turn impacts both her & her baby.

Our attitude in the waiting either nurtures or hinders healthy emotional & spiritual development…

Shall we ask ourselves…do we need to have an attitude check in our meantime of waiting! Mmmm…something for us to reflect upon dear friend…

I like the following message;

“Let go, relax & know that I am God…” Refer

Until next time…


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Uniquely designed…One of a kind

Welcome dear friend, do you have your favorite beverage & delightful tasty treat ready? You do…

baby child father fingers

I have a fruity tea blend of seasonal berries & my tasty treat is a small plate of delicious nuts, dried fruit & cheese. We are sitting under the blossoming lilac flowers of our Jacaranda tree today…the scent of honeysuckle is heavy on the air…

Now we are settled shall we begin our time of reflection together…

I find the topic of personal capacity very interesting & living with chronic health issues have only heightened this interest. I recently reflected upon Knowing your body’s capacity… giving a greater awareness of how differently our bodies function in wellness to that of chronic illness.

But are you aware that each of us has a uniquely designed capacity in the following areas; physical, emotional, cognitive & spiritual. These however do not exist in isolation to each other, they are intricately interwoven to make our overall capacity uniquely ours!

Over my professional life I have had many patients compare their abilities & capacities to others. This left them feeling less than, unworthy, devalued & depressed. Rather than seeing that they were actually living to their own unique capacity to the fullest of measures.

Sadly in this day & age, with the plethora of multimedia highlighting conformity to populist fashion, lifestyles, looks & wellness…we are quite often left feeling deficient in our individual qualities & capabilities in comparison!

Truth; I am not you & you are not me…we can not compare ourself to anyone else…we have been created as One of a kind!

Let me personalize this for you, you may be aware that chronic health conditions have impacted my capacity both physically & cognitively ~ also known as Fibromyalgia brain fog…shared in Listening…  Now if I start comparing myself to others who are living in wellness or may have more energy in their chronic health conditions than I do…I am left wanting & feeling very discouraged…

However, when I reflect upon my own uniquely designed capacities…even in this time of chronic illness with all its Challenging days…my faith & gratitude grow deeper for my Creator…bringing joyful acceptance in who I have been created to be…uniquely Jennifer!

“I will give thanks to You, for I am exceedingly & wonderfully made; Wonderful are Your works, & my soul knows it very well.” Refer

road walking cute young

It can be fruitful to reflect upon our uniqueness & really start to flourish to our fullest of measures in the season of life we are in…start walking in who you were uniquely created to be…don’t be deceived by those who portray conformity as the pinnacle of success…as you are One of a kind, uniquely designed my friend…Until next time…


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