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Having a whale of a time!

Hi, it is so lovely to have you drop by in a time of reflection, while we enjoy an old fashioned cuppa together.

I have an Apple & cinnamon tea blend for us to try today & gf Lemon glaze muffins, freshly baked.

It’s a beautiful spring day here, so we’ll go & sit in the garden to enjoy the warm sunshine, listen to the bird Symphony & see the colorful blossoms.

The Apple tea comes from Japan, a gift from my granddaughter.

It is a refreshing blend, the taste reminds me of an apple pie & a perfect accompaniment to the Lemon zest in the muffins.

As we enjoy this delightful setting, shall we reflect awhile…

A Flight to celebrate

Recently, I took a 1000km flight to spend some time with my second born for her birthday, she turned 40.

We spent a lovely weekend celebrating this milestone in her life.

Last time we spent time together waa Tea on the 77th Floor…

This time for a birthday treat we shared a holiday apartment, which had 180° views of the coastline, beach & the sea.

The views were absolutely breathtaking & constantly demanded our attention.

We both love the sea & whale watching, so this was the perfect spot.

Gold Coast,

Southern Humpback whales are now migrating South, down our Australian coastline.

Returning to the Antarctic to their summer feeding grounds for a Krill fest.

After delivering their calves in the warmer waters of Northern Australia.

Each time my daughter & I get together we go whale watching, hoping to see a rare glimpse of these beautiful & magnificent animals breaching, meaning a full body leap out of the water in playful exaltation.

We hadn’t ever seen this in all the times we had gone shore whale watching together, we had seen many misty blowhole sprays, tail splashes & pectoral fin slaps but never breaching.

Prayer of a Mama

So, I prayed a small prayer request to the Lord for a whale to breach for my daughter’s 40th birthday.

As we waited & watched from our 5th storey balcony, we became very focused upon what we were looking for.

We saw many blow hole sprays, then some pectoral fin slaps & then…all of a sudden a Humpback female & her calf breached together in perfect unison!

What a spectacular sight!

As we were focusing upon that spot again, we missed another one breaching just catching a glimpse of the huge splash in our peripheral vision.

Over the weekend we lost count of how many times the whales breached!

I thanked the Lord for His gracious answer to prayer.

For He definitely answers even the smallest requests of a Mama’s heart for her daughter’s birthday enjoyment in the most amazing of ways!


Focusing on the wrong area

As I reflected upon our weekend, I realized…we can become so focused, at times, upon one particular area of our life.

As my daughter & I did with where the female & her calf had breached in the hope of see the same.

That we can miss what God is doing in other important areas of our lives.

Do not call to mind the former things, Or ponder things of the past. Behold, I will do something new, Now it will spring forth; will you not be aware of it?

Isaiah 43: 18-19a Refer

We need to ask ourselves, dear friend, are we so focused upon the area we want God to do the same action as He did before, that we are completely missing the amazing new things He is already doing in our lives?

Mmmmm…food for thought…Don’t you think!

Until next time,


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35 thoughts on “Having a whale of a time!

  1. I love this story Jennifer, it is so true we can be focussed on walking in one direction when God is nudging us in another and it causes us to be frustrated at times! Thank you for this reminder to trust in His leading and prompting. How wonderful that He answered your prayer with abundance, i have never seen whales breaching and I would love to!

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