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Hi, it is so lovely to have you drop by today, welcome, I have a cozy place for us to sit, relax & chat with a cuppa.

Its our winter here in Australia & it’s particularly freezing at the moment.

I have prepared some gluten free mini cinnamon rolls with glacé dipping sauce for our treat & a pot of Chai tea made with almond milk & a touch of honey.

We are sitting together at my dining table overlooking Gum trees, shrubs & wild grasses we call “the bush” here.

Which at times has wildlife guests such as Koalas, Goannas, a variety of birds including our resident Kookaburras & possums.

Into the Twilight Zone

I had a really strange dream last night, when I woke this morning, I could still remember the finer details of it!

I told my husband how weird it was & then I described the overall subject, he too thought it very strange.

My dream was that I was in a holiday factory…

I dreamt I was visiting my dear friend (you met her in Heart matters) & she was trying to renovate this holiday factory by introducing joy into it.

Creating a garden where a barren land existed! I told you it was weird, a holiday factory of all things!


Dreams are fascinating, aren’t they?

We can dream while we sleep or we can day dream while awake.

We use the word to describe a goal for the future; as in a dream or dreams we have.

We may describe someone we find attractive as dreamy or a dreamboat.

Or the concept of day dreaming can be used as a condescending remark,

“get on with it, you’re just a dreamer!”

Medical Science & neuropsychology has many theories as to why we dream & what the purpose dreaming has in our sleep cycles.

scenic view of mountains against sky at sunset

Some people remember their dreams while others don’t, some dream in color while others in back & white.

Daydreams are mostly being totally absorbed in our thoughts & imaginings while very much awake.

The dreams we have for the future, are our hopes & aspirations we have for our lives.

My dream last night, though rather strange can be simply explained, the last time I saw my friend we met at a holiday unit where she was staying.

The last conversation we had, she told me about the joy she had had at a family gathering she attended & she always tries to bring joy into barren places.

The holiday factory in my dream was also manufacturing chocolate, my friend loves chocolate.

And my husband had been talking about making some chocolate & ginger fudge last night.

Put simply, my subconscious mind had interpreted the events, thoughts & information into pictorial form for filing = my dream.

Dreams of a different magnitude

But there are dreams that defy simple interpretation or explanation needing wisdom, discernment & prayer to understand.

We are told in the Word that dreams will play a significant part in coming events here on earth in the second coming of the Lord as they did in the first coming of Jesus.

“…And it will come about after this that I will pour My Spirit on all flesh;

and your sons and daughters will prophesy.

Your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions…”

Joel 2:28

With recent & current world events, world leaders & their seemingly reckless political posturing that have many hidden agendas.

We need to continue to be watchful & alert for the coming of the King of Kings with great discernment & expectation.

We also need to ask ourselves, are we ready & prepared for His coming?

For Jesus Himself, while here on earth, said will happen very quickly indeed.

You’re welcome to read how I began my preparation when I was on an archeological adventure in Digging for treasure…

Dreams are so interesting, don’t you think?

Thank you for joining me, dear friend, I enjoyed our time together.

Until next time,


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58 thoughts on “Dreams….

  1. This is such an interesting phrase…”by introducing joy into it, creating a garden where a barren land existed.” Introducing love, hope and joy can plant seeds that create a beautiful garden where hopelessness and barrenness formerly existed.

    Dreams are interesting, Jennifer, and it’s interesting to ponder that dreams will play a significant part in the future.

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    1. Absolutely Lisa! Dreams are fascinating to all of us & as a therapist I find them even more fascinating. Often it’s the brain filing the days events in how the subconscious mind can understand.
      But as scripture tells us at other times they are much more significant then that!
      Lovely having you drop by today 😊


  2. Such fun here Jennifer! I love the way you worked through your dream; so many times I have similar dreams and am constantly fascinated at how the subconscious weaves these stories! I also love that you reminded us of the soon coming of the King of Kings! may we be alert to the signs!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I once read a book about analyzing dreams. I think they often uncover something that had been on our minds, even though we may not realize it until we dream it. We do need to be prepared for Christ’s return. Thank you for the gentle nudge in that direction!

    Liked by 1 person

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