Ginger tea & time…

How lovely to have you drop by my friend, shall we begin our time of reflection together…

My tea today has Ginger root, apple pieces, white & red hibiscus & licorice root. The tasty treat for is an Gf Orange & Poppy seed cake with orange sauce.

The aroma of ginger triggers pleasant memories of a time with my father in childhood.

When I was 5 years old he taught me how to tell the time with a toy clock that had movable hands.

Each night after dinner, he would patiently sit & help me to understand what the numbers & the various position of the hands meant.

I eventually came to understand the concept through Dad’s patient tutelage…

During this time Dad would often enjoy a Gingernut cookie, an old favorite of his, with a cup of tea.

The passage of time

Is a topic that has come into the spotlight recently.

Time is such a strange concept to grasp, don’t you think?

It seems to go slow or speed up depending on what activities we are engaged in.

I remember many years ago when my grandmother turned 80, I asked her how it felt to be that age.

She said that she still felt like the young woman of 25 in spirit but her body just would not co-operate anymore.

Adding how incredibly fast that time had passed! I was a busy young Mum back then, so I didn’t understand this concept.

But now as a grandmother with my eldest granddaughter living here own life, I understand exactly what she was conveying & experiencing.

I can now attest to the same sentiment! Time has gone amazingly fast!

While I have not yet reached octogenarian status, a way to go yet, the unwelcome tenants (introduced in Focus have caused a rapid increase in how time has affected my body.

My hair once deep strawberry blonde is now white, my skin has lost most of its elasticity.

Energy & resilience

Have massively decreased while muscle, joint pain & stiffness have majorly increased.

To be able to have a verbal telephone conversation is now on my personal most endangered list as shared in Listening…!


But time marches on, it stops for no one, so we need to ask ourselves…

What to do with the time that is left to us?

We can look at our circumstances & spiral downward into a thick blanket of despair, spending precious time focusing on the negative or we can look at them from a positive perspective.

It all depends on our Perspective

As I look in the mirror, I can choose to see a rapidly aging woman who’s life has been turned upside down by nasty tenants & wonder what time is left to her…


I can look at the reflected image before me & choose to see a woman who God has brought triumphantly through many tragedies in life including the deaths of two of her children & late husband.

And whom continues to share His amazing love with others from experience.

A woman who is definitely feeling 25 in spirit but who’s body just won’t co-operate anymore.

And if I look very closely I can see past & present generations reflected back at me.

You see we leave a legacy…

In what we’ve done with the time that was given to us.

It will be either a legacy of blessing or a legacy of sadness for those who come after us.

Have you thought of the legacy you will leave behind my friend?

Thought provoking isn’t it!

Until next time,


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  1. Beautiful! Such lovely images you’ve painted with your words.🌸

    In reflection of leaving behind a legacy I’m reminded of when I first fell ill and started crocheting blankets. I made my son a huge, comfy afghan. Deep down I was thinking if I pass he can cuddle up in it and feel like a big hug is always surrounding him. But, thankfully, I’m still here and he loves the blanket. I realize by leaving a legacy your were referring to more than a blanket. 😊 It just brought back that memory.

    Hoping today is kind to you and your tea and snack are perfectly delightful.☕️🌼

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  2. I LOVE ginger tea and I’m going to make a fresh pot right now because of the way you laid it out in this post. I could taste your cup.You paint such vivid pictures with your words.

    Thanks for the reminder to focus on the days ahead. Waking up every day is a blessing. Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow is not promised. Today is it. One more day to think about the legacy I will leave behind.Like you, I choose to focus on the positive reflection I see in the mirror. God is wonderful to me.

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  3. Your descriptions of the tea and treats makes me want to be sitting right there with you. Such a relaxing lovely picture! I think legacies are very important. Whether we are purposeful in planning them or not, each of us will leave one. I also understand your grandmother well and recall my mother telling me that each decade time seemed to speed up. Now, at 74, I would never question that….I just wonder how I got her so fast. Inside I don’t feel that age at all, but my energy level is not was high and doesn’t rebound as quickly as it once did, my flexibility is not as great, and the list can go on. The truth is, however, that I am very healthy for my age and blessed to travel often to see our 6 grandchildren who all live out of state (4 are 350 miles away and 2 are 520 miles away). None of them are toddlers now and range in age from 13 to 23.

    Thanks for blessing my day!

    I am sipping blueberry muffin tea this morning, but sadly have no treats. I have been plagued with a flood of allergies that turned my sinuses into a mess and been off my game all week…doing little but resting and drinking hot tea with a drop of Thieves Oil with some honey.

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    1. You’re welcome Pam, Sorry to hear you are unwell…I haven’t heard of Thieves oil…
      Your tea sounds temptingly delicious too…

      Yes, I agree we will all leave a legacy behind whether intentional or not, I think it’s wise to contemplate this while we still have time to make sure to leave a positive one behind…To those who are following. Don’t you think 🙂


      1. Thanks! Hopefully, this will turn completely around in a few more days. Thieves Oil is an Essential Oil that is not about making the tea more tasty, but to help kill off whatever is seeking to invade. You might find it interesting to look at its history that goes back to the time of the plague.

        It is one of current favorite teas.

        I agree about being intentional about our legacies. We are on the same page on that. Perhaps our work as clinical counselors have given us more than a few opportunities to see what happens when such a choice is not made. Have a blessed weekend!💕

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      2. I love a bit of research!

        I totally agree with your comment about our work it does give us an aerial view of the outcomes of unhealthy choices, behavior & the legacy for all concerned.
        You have a restfully healing weekend too!


  4. I love ginger in anything–tea, cookies, gingerbread, Indian pudding, etc. As for our bodies, the nicest thing my granddaughter said to me when she was four was when she settled onto me and announced to her mother, “I love Amma. She is so squishy.” It’s all in the perspective, isn’t it.

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  5. I love love ginger tea.
    Time waits for no man but the wisdom of an aging lady is incredible. When I grow older, I would like to look at the mirror and say that I truly left a legacy and even though my spirit would be 25 and age 90,the legacy left would be as bubbly, as alive, as fit , as my spirit’s age.
    This is a nice read. Made me really reflect.

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    1. Thank you for your kind words, that is a lovely aim for your Legacy!
      I am so glad that our time of reflection was pleasant & fruitful for you. I am also glad you were able to visit.


  6. I love this post! The sensory details about the tea and the cookies and the memories are so vivid and real. I’m still young–25–so this post touched me especially, knowing that those who are approaching old age feel like they’re my age in spirit. I will make the best of each of my days.

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  7. A thoughtful and lovely reflection, Jennifer. Having just turned to big 7-0, I’ve been reflecting a lot these days too. Oh, how I miss Mama…at 79, she’d giggle, smile that beautiful smile and remind me, “Dear, you’re looking at your future.” As I remember Mama, I’m reminded of how much she loved life and all those who surrounded her. She set an absolutely positive example to follow and I’m looking forward to that day when we’ll be sharing tea again at that great reunion with our Lord and Savior. Meanwhile, I’ve got lots of love to hand out. ❤ Thanks for the memories.. xo

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    1. Thank you Bette, isn’t it lovely that we have those beautiful memories & legacies until we meet them again…
      Yes, we can keep loving God’s love through Jesus’ love… to all!
      Lovely to have you drop by dear friend ♥

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  8. What a beautiful post; full of such richness. Time is a funny thing. This last year it has felt as if went so fast and yet stood still.

    I have not liked the aging process. The body doesn’t do what it used to do. I find myself sometimes entirely out of energy in which I never in my life felt before. However, next time I look in the mirror I am going to change my attitude and see someone who has overcome much in life and is a fighter.

    Thank you for linking up with Grace & Truth. I look forward to seeing what you share next.

    Blessings, Maree Dee

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  9. Hey Jennifer, I really like your blog! It’s my first time here and I’m stopping over from Recharge Wednesday. You are where I hope to be at your age, minus the unwelcome guests. LOL! You’re living the life I hope to continue living – one where I enjoy my family and grandchildren, and I can look back and say that I loved God and led others to Him. I love how you tell stories through your tea time and encourage us to slow down and smell the roses – or sip the tea! I’ll be back!

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  10. Oh, Jennifer, you’re so right, time does tick by quickly, doesn’t it? But I love how you’ve encouraged us to spend it wisely and think about the legacy we’re leaving behind.
    Thank you so much for this!
    Blessings, Marva | SunSparkleShine

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  11. Your Ginger Tea sounds delicious! And I imagine it will give just the zip needed to revive a tired body and spirit. Thank you for sharing this week on our Encouraging Hearts & Home Blog Hop.

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  12. Beautiful and thought provoking. Our todays are always waved away as we point to our better tomorrows. It’s funny how God works. I’ve read posts and articles on this throughout the week. I haven’t searched for them, they came to me. Today just became a little more important.

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  13. Oh my, “…young woman of 25 in spirit but her body just would not cooperate anymore…” That’s how I feel! I love the analogy of the tea bag, and how put under hot water it’s real self comes out. That’s the same with us. GREAT POST!

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  14. Jennifer, you have such calm in your writing. I’m sitting here drinking chai tea, trying to get warm on this chilly and rainy afternoon. I love your heart for thoughtfully considering our legacy and the days we have left. As I watch my kids leaving the nest, this numbering of days is so much more a part of my thought process. I’m sorry you have to deal with 3 very difficult health issues but inspired by your passion for living within the good things of life.

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  15. So often we look at time as the enemy. I’m learning to celebrate the time I have, what was, what’s to come, while looking forward to being closer to Heaven.

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    1. The concept of lineal Time is strange when we contemplate it because we can’t go back or forward in time, we only ever have the present precious moment!
      Lovely having you drop by Rebecca!


  16. It’s funny you linked this one up to #TellHisStory because just moments before clicking on your post, I journaled a prayer connected to the legacy I want to leave behind because in another blog a lady had encouraged us to think about that very thing: what do we want to be remembered for.

    I asked for my husband and children to see Jesus in me when I am gone. I asked that when I leave for heaven they will know they are safe, secure, loved and known in and with the same love I have shown them because that love is Jesus. And in the same breath I asked God to heal the wounds I have inflicted upon them that they may discern my flesh from the Holy Spirit in me. I asked God to lead me to repentance in word and deed.

    I absolutely loved reading your memories connected to scent. I grew up on gingernuts (I am a kiwi 😁) and the thing I remember most from my Grandma are the scents- her musk perfume, the smell of baking in her home and just pressing in for hugs. She was that safe haven of Jesus for me and so was her husband, my Grandad: with his soap-scented kisses or pecks on the cheek as he called them. Going on holiday there was going to see Jesus – His love, warmth and HOME. Now my Mum is in heaven with them and it’s up to me and my sisters and brothers to spread the fragrance of our LORD in our families and communities. May we be found faithful in our LORD Jesus Christ.

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  17. I can totally relate to this post! Chronic Pain has hurried me into aging much to my chagrin. THank you for coming by and linking up with the Legacy Link-up.

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    1. Chronic pain isn’t very nice…is it Mandy!
      But I can attest that through it, I have experienced a new depth in my relationship with the Lord…More then ever before.
      It was a pleasure to find your link up 😀


      1. Yes! It has for me too.

        Say, I’m planning some faith interviews with chronic pain warriors. Calling it “this light and momentary trouble”. Im desiring it to be an encouragement to others during their particularly hard times. Would you be interested in sharing your faith story?

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  18. I think you must take after your grandmother. You seem like a woman who is 25 in spirit to me! I hope I feel that way too if I get to live to be 80. Here’s to all of us young-spirited grannies, Jennifer!

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  19. Jennifer,
    Every morning when I come down the stairs, my knees remind me just how old I am. I love how smells can transport you back to fond memories with parents and loved ones. I hope and pray that the legacy I’m leaving is one that says, “I lived my life to an audience of One.” As for the wrinkles (laugh lines) and gray hair when I look in the mirror? They are stripes earned well. lol
    Bev xx

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  20. Jennifer, I so appreciated reading your post this morning. I was in the hospital from morning till late last night with an older loved one, until they were finally admitted into a room. We talked about aging. To read your question spoke to my heart > What will we do with the time we have left? “It will be either a legacy of blessing or a legacy of sadness for those who come after us.” Amen. Thankful the Lord helps us to leave a legacy of blessing.

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    1. Thank you Joanne. I’m sorry to hear you are going through a concerning time with your loved one. 🌹

      Yes, very thankful that the Lord helps us to leave a legacy of blessing.
      Especially for those of our loved ones who aren’t traveling with the Lord when we go.
      But God is such a faithful God & will continue to answer our prayers, working in their lives to bring them back unto Himself or for them to find Him. 🙏


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