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Ginger tea & time…

How lovely to have you drop by my friend, shall we begin our time of reflection together…

My tea today has Ginger root, apple pieces, white & red hibiscus & licorice root. The tasty treat for is an Gf Orange & Poppy seed cake with orange sauce.

The aroma of ginger triggers pleasant memories of a time with my father in childhood.

When I was 5 years old he taught me how to tell the time with a toy clock that had movable hands.

Each night after dinner, he would patiently sit & help me to understand what the numbers & the various position of the hands meant.

I eventually came to understand the concept through Dad’s patient tutelage…

During this time Dad would often enjoy a Gingernut cookie, an old favorite of his, with a cup of tea.

The passage of time

Is a topic that has come into the spotlight recently.

Time is such a strange concept to grasp, don’t you think?

It seems to go slow or speed up depending on what activities we are engaged in.

I remember many years ago when my grandmother turned 80, I asked her how it felt to be that age.

She said that she still felt like the young woman of 25 in spirit but her body just would not co-operate anymore.

Adding how incredibly fast that time had passed! I was a busy young Mum back then, so I didn’t understand this concept.

But now as a grandmother with my eldest granddaughter living here own life, I understand exactly what she was conveying & experiencing.

I can now attest to the same sentiment! Time has gone amazingly fast!

While I have not yet reached octogenarian status, a way to go yet, the unwelcome tenants (introduced in Focus have caused a rapid increase in how time has affected my body.

My hair once deep strawberry blonde is now white, my skin has lost most of its elasticity.

Energy & resilience

Have massively decreased while muscle, joint pain & stiffness have majorly increased.

To be able to have a verbal telephone conversation is now on my personal most endangered list as shared in Listening…!


But time marches on, it stops for no one, so we need to ask ourselves…

What to do with the time that is left to us?

We can look at our circumstances & spiral downward into a thick blanket of despair, spending precious time focusing on the negative or we can look at them from a positive perspective.

It all depends on our Perspective

As I look in the mirror, I can choose to see a rapidly aging woman who’s life has been turned upside down by nasty tenants & wonder what time is left to her…


I can look at the reflected image before me & choose to see a woman who God has brought triumphantly through many tragedies in life including the deaths of two of her children & late husband.

And whom continues to share His amazing love with others from experience.

A woman who is definitely feeling 25 in spirit but who’s body just won’t co-operate anymore.

And if I look very closely I can see past & present generations reflected back at me.

You see we leave a legacy…

In what we’ve done with the time that was given to us.

It will be either a legacy of blessing or a legacy of sadness for those who come after us.

Have you thought of the legacy you will leave behind my friend?

Thought provoking isn’t it!

Until next time,


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